Tofu Flower/豆腐花

Tofu Flower is a soy-based dessert that has a pudding/custard/jelly texture. This “pudding” is served with a sweet ginger syrup.

Thanks to our friend Elaine, we learned how to make “Tofu Flower.” Though it took me over a week to find gypsum powder, but we finally found it!!

Tofu Flower/豆腐花
2 tsp Gypsum Powder
2 tsp Corn/Potato Starch
100 mL Hot Water
4 Cups Unsweetened Unflavored Soy Milk
1. In a large bowl, stir together gypsum powder, corn/potato starch and water.
2. Bring soy milk to a full boil over low heat, being careful not to burn it.
3. Stir the gypsum powder mixture again to make sure there aren’t any settled powder. Pour boiling soy milk into gypsum powder mixture. Make sure you pour it in HARD!! You want to make sure the soy milk mixes thoroughly with the gypsum powder mixture because you cannot stir this after the soy milk is poured in.
4. Cover with towel/paper towel and then cover with a plate/lid. The paper towel is so the condensation from the hot mixture on the lid doesn’t drip back in.
5. Set aside for 40 minutes until set.
6. Scoop thin scoops into a bowl and serve with Sweet Ginger Syrup.

Sweet Ginger Syrup
3 slices of ginger (the area of the ginger when laid flat should be about the size of your thumb)
2 whole pieces of Chinese brown sugar/Brown Candy
3 Cups water
1. Combine all ingredients in saucepan and bring to a boil.