About Chibita

I am a number cruncher who loves to create yummy food. I get a giddy-gasm when I’m told something I make tastes delicious. Although I’d like to think that my food is the best and doesn’t need improvements, I still like to hear criticisms. They’re (usually) well-taken. 😛

I have many hobbies aside from food-making. I collect nail polish, I sing, I knit, I cross-stitch, I read, and I do a lot of other things.

Aside from this blog, I have two others:

  • My Nail Polish Blog: polishedchibita.wordpress.com
    Here, I post my nail polish collection, swatches, color comparisons, etc.
  • My Random Blog: randomchibita.wordpress.com
    Here, I post random stuff: random happenings, random news, random thoughts, etc.

Got questions/concerns about my blog?
Feel free to email me at cafechibita at gmail dot com.  🙂

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