Bread Machine Milk Tea Loaf

It’s been a while since I last baked bread. Well, it’s also been a while since I last wrote a post…but we’ll pretend that didn’t happen. 😛

We ran out of bread at home, so I was going to buy a loaf of bread, but I was reminded by a dear friend that I can bake it! Oh yeah! I can!! And I have a new bread machine that I’ve only used once!! Time to take it out of the garage, dust it off and put it to good use!! 😀

I didn’t want to do anything too simple, but I didn’t want to do anything too complicated either. So, after browsing through my recipe books, I chose this recipe.

My thoughts of this?…delicious!! It’s slightly salty, and slightly sweet. My loaf came out a bit dense, but I think that’s because my yeast isn’t very active (or it’s because it’s Active Dry Yeast) – so next time, I probably won’t use the basic bread setting and set my own rise-time to allow the loaf to rise longer – or I’ll just get some new yeast.  😛  I also didn’t think the flavor was very milk-tea-ish.  I could taste the tea in between bites, sometimes, but it just didn’t really resemble milk tea to me.  I think next time I will submerge the tea leaves in the milk and boil it a bit or use more tea? But it can also be because my tea has been sitting in my cabinet for a while?Not sure though.  😛  Other than the above two things, it was perfect! 😀

Milk Tea Loaf (adapted from Bread Doctor by Yvonne C.)
235g Whole Milk
85g Eggs, beaten
600g Bread Flour (I used King Arthur)
85g Sugar
7g Salt
3 Tea Bags, leaves emptied and ground with a mortar & pestle (I used Red Rose)
130g Butter, cubed
9g Yeast (I used Active Dry Yeast, but Rapi-Rise, AKA Bread Machine Yeast, might be better)
1. Place ingredients in bread machine in the manufacturer suggested sequence.
2. Select Basic Bread Setting with the desired Crust color.
3. Press Start!
4. Once done, slice bread to desired thickness.
5. Serve with butter or condensed milk.


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