Product Testing: The Smart Baker’s 8×8 Pre-Cut Parchment revisited and 9 inch Round Pre-Cut Parchment

We had a charity bake sale at work this past Thursday, and I took the advantage to test out some pre-cut parchment paper that The Smart Baker sent over to me.

Last time, when I tested the 8×8, it didn’t really work out very well. The parchment ripped that time, and I wanted to find a drier recipe to test it out with.

One of the goodies that I made for the bake sale was PB&J Shortbread Bars/Wedges, which was DELICIOUS (post on its way). The recipe called for a 9-inch springform pan, so I doubled the recipe and made a round version and a square version, using the pre-cut parchment paper for both. Killed two birds with one stone – SWEET!!!

I normally don’t spray oil underneath my parchment paper, but since I’m doing this side by side, I figured that it was my perfect chance! I sprayed nonstick spray onto the 8×8 pan before placing the parchment paper, but I simply just placed the round parchment sheet into the 9 inch springform.  However, I didn’t notice anything different between either spraying and not spraying the pan, so I’m going to say that this isn’t really necessary unless the batter of whatever you make has a chance of seeping underneath the parchment.

As you can see in the pictures below, the tabs were my friend!!! 🙂 As mentioned previously, I think this pre-cut parchment business is for lazy folks, but I absolutely LOVE the tabs of these parchment papers for cake pans. Although the first one failed me, this time, they got be super (actually SUPER DUPER) excited!! With these tabs, I didn’t have to flip the pan over to release the bars/wedges, I just simply lifted and set it down. I even used a pizza cutter to cut the bars and wedges, and the parchment paper didn’t rip/tear because of it. 🙂

I highly suggest these tabbed pre-cut parchment papers for cake pans. They can be found on The Smart Baker’s website for $5.95 for a pack of 24, and they can be purchased in two sizes (the 8 inch square and the 9 inch round). They’re currently having a Spring sale: 20% off everything through 8th. Go and get ’em!! 🙂

Disclaimer: These parchment papers were sent to me by The Smart Baker for my honest review.


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