Prosperity Cakes (大發糕)

May the year of the rabbit being you prosperity and happiness!

Why are these called prosperity cakes?
Prosperity cakes are rising cakes that burst, symboling that one’s wealth will rise and burst and overflow (it’s a good thing).


Prosperity Cakes
150g Dark Brown Sugar
240g Warm Water
120g Rice Flour
120g Cake Flour (I didn’t have cake flour, so I used 105g All Purpose Flour & 15g Potato Starch)
8g Baking Powder
1. In a large bowl, stir dark brown sugar in water until sugar is dissolved.
2. In a separate bowl, combine powder ingredients.
3. Using a wooden spoon or a spatula, gradually stir the powder ingredients into the sugar/water mixture until smooth.
*You may need to strain the batter through a sieve to achieve smoothness*
4. Pour batter in cups/mini bowls/mini tart pans (something that won’t collapse) almost to the rim.  If using bowls/pans that may stick, brush on some vegetable oil before pouring in batter.
5. Steam in a pan/pot over boiling water for 15 minutes (they should have bursted).

These cakes have a chewy consistency due to the rice flour.  I personally don’t really enjoy eating these, but I like to make them during CNY just to be festive!  😉


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