Maybe I wasn’t meant to be in a cooking club…

First off…let me apologize to all my fellow Sweet Melissa Sunday members and hosts. I’ve failed to participate in the last 4 recipes:

Now, the reason I say “maybe I wasn’t meant to be in a cooking club” is because there’s a lot of things I don’t eat…>_<…therefore…don't make…

Muffins – I don't have a good reason for the Blueberry muffins…other than Steven cringed when I told him that they were orange blueberry muffins. He actually requested blueberry muffins, but he didn’t like the orange idea much, and I didn’t want to alter the recipe TOO MUCH (because some of the members mentioned that this is a DENSE muffin). And I would HATE to make them and have them sit because no one wants to eat them. So, I skipped this recipe.

Bread pudding – I’m anti mushy soggy bread, so bread pudding has never appealed to me (although I’ve never had it). So, I skipped this recipe as well.

Pralines – I never really knew what pralines were, other than they’re related to caramel…and I dislike caramel. I really intended to make these, but then after seeing members’ comments, I found out that I need a candy thermometer (which I don’t have), so I skipped this recipe as well.

Coconut Custard Pie – I HATE coconut, I’m not a BIG fan of custard, and I don’t have enough people at home to eat a whole pie without me. So, I skipped this recipe also.

So that’s that…I’ve failed BIG TIME as a member.

Looking at June’s recipes, it looks like I’ll be interested in making 2 out of 4 of those (I’m hosting one of them). To make up for the last 4 weeks, I will be making something Sweet Melissa-related (most likely a rewind) the other two weeks of June.

Once again, I apologize, but stay tuned! 🙂


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