Sweet Melissa Sundays: Snickerdoodles

sweetmelissasundaysI know I know…it’s not Sunday, nor was this week’s selection Snickerdoodles. This Sweet Melissa Sunday’s selection of Sweet Potato Bread with Cinnamon-Rum-Orange Glaze was hosted by Lorelei of Mermaid Sweets. Since we’re not big fans of quick breads, I skipped this recipe and made something before MY Sweet Melissa Sunday days — the August 9, 2009 selection of Snickerdoodles which was hosted by Spike of Spike Bakes — the recipe can be found here.

It was our friend Henry’s birthday BBQ on Saturday, so I baked him two kinds of cookies — this was one of them. 🙂 They seemed to be pretty well-liked. I’ve been known to be critical of my own food, so here goes. I feel that it wasn’t buttery enough. I’ve had snickerdoodles where I just taste a full-on cinnamon-sugar-buttery goodness. I’ve never been able to achieve that baking Snickerdoodles at home.

I need to find a way to increase the butter flavor in this, but I have to admit, this is the best Snickerdoodle I’ve baked!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sweet Melissa Sundays: Snickerdoodles

  1. Personally, I don’t the taste of butter…too much, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the taste of cinnamony-sugary goodness!

    Glad you at least tried a recipe and sort of enjoyed it! Sharing with others is always nice as well.

    • Nina~ I’m glad I tried the recipe! It was good, but I’m still looking for the buttery flavor I’ve had before. And yes, I absolutely LOVE sharing great food with others. 🙂

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