Sweet Melissa Sundays: Chocolate Malted Cupcakes

sweetmelissasundaysThis week’s recipe is chosen by Nicole of Sweet Tooth. I have to say Thank You to Nicole for choosing this yummy recipe. This was the best chocolate cake recipe, ever! I served it to a couple of friends and they absolutely loved it!! Steven’s momma had one without the whipped cream and already LOVED it!!…she loved it even more with the whipped cream.


I made a couple changes to the recipe…
1. I made cupcakes and baked them for 18 minutes.
2. I made a Horlicks whipped cream topping in place of the chocolate malted frosting.
3. I use Maltesers in place of Whoppers.

I made 18 cupcakes with half of the recipe, then I frosted it with a Horlicks Whipped Cream, and finished it off with one Malteser per cupcake.

Horlicks Whipped Cream (adapted from the Chocolate Whipped Cream recipe of Joy of Baking)
(Enough for 10 cupcakes)

1 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
2 Tbsp Sugar
2 Tbsp Horlicks
1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract

1. Stir together all ingredients in a small bowl, cover and place in refrigerator for 1 hour.
2. Whip ingredients on high until stiff peaks form.


Sadly, the whipped cream didn’t have enough malt flavor. When I make the whipped cream for the remaining eight, I am going to put more Horlicks to try and up the malt flavor.

13 thoughts on “Sweet Melissa Sundays: Chocolate Malted Cupcakes

  1. this would be amazing with the whipped cream! The chocolate cake would make such a great base for so many flavor combos. And your cupcakes look great!

  2. Glad to hear that you made the whipped cream frosting again and upped the malt. Pretty tasty, huh? :o) I loved it. Almost made the cupcake itself taste like a giant Whopper/Malteser :o)

  3. Weird. I left a comment here yesterday. Anyway, I read that you tried the whipped cream again and upped the malt flavor. But I also just got your email about preferring the first whipped cream version in combination with the chocolate flavor. Either version sounds yummy to me. Try adding some cocoa powder next time :o)

    • Hanaa~ I didn’t go the chocolate whipped cream route because we felt that the cupcakes were already chocolatey enough. Although having plain whipped cream on top takes away from the name…but I have a Malteser on top…:)

  4. Welcome to SMS! Your cupcakes look yummy. The frosting was really rich for such a chocolaty cake, so I think you made a good call with the whipped cream version.

    • Yes, it was the correct choice indeed. I know I talked about the whipped cream not having enough malt flavor, but when after the second batch of REALLY-MALTY whipped cream, we like the NOT-SO-MALTY whipped cream better!!! We felt that the first batch complimented the cupcake better. The second batch was just full-on RICH…RICH in malt and RICH in chocolate….

  5. Pretty cupcakes 🙂 I went the cupcake route too and while I loved the chocolate cake, I thought the combo with the frosting was chocolate overload! I’ll make the cake again for sure but maybe try a whipped cream or peanut butter frosting.

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