the best sugar cookies

Couple weeks ago, I came across a Sugar Cookie recipe on Cookie Madness.

Now, I don’t particularly like sugar cookies because i feel that they’re nothing but sweet! They’re usually topped with LOADS of frosting to decorate the plainness of the cookie. And biting into it just gives a sugar rush (hence the name). However, Anna of Cookie Madness stated that these were “perfect!” And she’s “always disppointed with sugar cookies.”

Being on the same boat as Anna, I had to give these a try! These WERE perfect!! These didn’t JUST have the sugarness…it also had a buttery(good)ness…a vanilla-y(good)ness. It has flavors! And best of all, they melt in your mouth! And even Steven’s daddy was a fan, and he usually hates non-Asian foods. 🙂

The recipe yields 7 dozens. I (of course) didn’t take a look at the yield amount and made the full recipe. I made 2 dozens on a Sunday, then put the rest of the cookie dough in the fridge. Took it back out later in the week (Wednesday/Thursday) and used the rest to make two more dozens (one of the dozens was a THICK dozen). The cold cookie dough was MUCH easier to mold. Now, if I’m doing my math right, I’m going to say that my cookies were quite a bit larger than Anna’s (even if you divide the THICK dozen to two thin dozens). These were really good, I made no changes to the recipe (other than the bake times cuz of my larger cookies). This is a definite must-try!


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