Meringue Mushrooms

For some reason…I wanted to try making meringue. Not that I find it exceptionally tasty, but just to try and make it. I searched “meringue” on and found this recipe. I didn’t have pastry bags or any kind of decorating tips because I’m not a cake decorator. I ended up going to walmart and buying set of 2 tips (1 circle tip and 1 flowery/starry tip) and a ziploc bag.
It was kinda difficult to “form” the mushroom caps and stems. After baking, I ended up cutting the tips of the stems to get a flat surface to attach to the mushroom cap.

Don’t they look realistic???

They were baked as caps and stems separately.

Then I attached the two parts together with melted chocolate.


2 thoughts on “Meringue Mushrooms

  1. Hi Debbie – this is Dave Walter and his daughter, Emily. These were delicious, and Emily thinks they look really cool. We’re gonna try making them ourselves!

  2. Hi Emily – your dad showed me the pictures of your mushrooms. They look fantastic!! I hope you had fun making them. I’ll be sure to post more recipes of fun items for you. 🙂

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