Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!!!…continued

Since I wasn’t allowed to bake before bed last night…I baked the Polvorones de Canele today…

Not sure what I did wrong…but the recipe said to “ stir [flour mixture] into the creamed mixture to form a stiff dough”…I didn’t get any kind of stiff dough…it ended up looking like this…

It may be due to the “stirring” wasn’t done by hand, but by a mixer…not sure though…

Because the dough wasn’t “stiff,” it was difficult to form dough into balls…so I just kinda mushed them together so they resemble some kind of 3D object…like this…

After baking them…they didn’t look like the pictures from other people on the recipe. Other people’s cookies were still in some kinda ball form (like tea cookies)…but mine flattened out…like this…

I tried one of the cookies and I’m not too sure if I like them. They were a bit too airy and buttery for me. Reviews on allrecipes says that it should be eaten when cooled, and since it was warm when I had one, I’ll give it another try tomorrow.


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