!~!~!~!~! Happy Cinco de Mayo !~!~!~!~!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!

At the end of my work day, I suddenly felt really festive and wanted to celebrate Cinco de Mayo a little bit. I went on AllRecipes.com and found these recipes:
Mexican Rice II
Quick and Easy Mexican Chicken

Polvorones de Canele

So, after work, I went to Trader Joe’s and bought some tortillas, a tub of sour cream, and a jar of ground cumin. I got home, and I first made the chicken. Instead of the chicken breasts, we used chicken thighs. I first pan fried the thighs, and set that aside to cool. I then used the chicken juices to cook my Mexican Rice. It gave my rice WONDERFUL flavor!! While the rice was cooking, I shredded the thighs into pieces and then followed the rest of the recipe. It was pretty good, considering it was a last minute decision. 😛 Steven thought that the chicken+rice in tortilla as a whole wasn’t salty enough. So next time, I think I’d flavor the chicken a bit more.

Then I wanted to make Mexican dessert to end Cinco de Mayo 2009, but Steven said “NO!!” Unfortunately, he has good reasonings.

  • I have to get to work earlier than normal tomorrow.
  • It was already 10pm, which means I probably won’t be done baking and cleaning up until 12am.
  • I haven’t been getting enough sleep all week.

So, we will continue the fiesta tomorrow when I bake my Mexican Cinnamon Cookies. 🙂


2 thoughts on “!~!~!~!~! Happy Cinco de Mayo !~!~!~!~!

  1. awww steven is such a sweetie =) he just didnt want YOU to be too tired hehe… omg you are THE iron chef debbie!! you HAVE to give me lessons!!!

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